Maryam Uwais MFR Aug02

Maryam Uwais MFR

***On leave of absence as Special Adviser to the President on Social Investments*** Maryam is a founding Partner of Primera Africa Legal. She is an experienced commercial lawyer and arbitrator with a broad practice that spans over 30 years. Her area of expertise includes Banking & Insurance Law, Islamic Bankin...

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F. Boma Ayomide Alabi OON Aug02

F. Boma Ayomide Alabi OON

Boma is a founding Partner of Primera Africa Legal. She leads the Primera Africa Legal’s International Commercial Law/Corporate Governance practice. Her experience in corporate commercial practice spans approximately thirty years. In addition to being an experienced Arbitrator and accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator, Boma s...

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Israel is a Senior Partner of Primera Africa Legal. He has extensive commercial and legal knowledge of the oil and gas business in Nigeria. He is also a Director with the Aspen Energy Nigeria (Energy Services and Consulting) Group and faculty member of the International Law Institute-African Centre of Excellence (ILI-ACE). He has ...

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Lemea Abina Aug02

Lemea Abina

***Elevated to Rivers State Judiciary on the 7th of January 2020*** Lemea is a skilled professional with considerable knowledge and experience in Dispute Resolution. Her other areas of experience include Capital Market, Project Finance, Tax, Estate Administration/Trusts and Real Estate. She has over a decade of experien...

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Laura Alakija Aug02

Laura Alakija

Laura is Partner overseeing Commercial Transactions at PAL Laura has a flair for deal structuring in complex commercial transactions and has provided negotiation, documentation and legal advisory support to client transactions across various sectors including energy and natural resources, infrastructure and real estate, hospitalit...

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Zainab Animashaun Mar23

Zainab Animashaun

***On leave of absence with the Government of Rwanda***                 Zainab is a Deputy Managing Partner at PAL. She is a legal practitioner with over eleven (11) years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian legal services market. She represents the firm's private and institutional...

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