This week’s Alfa International #FridayFeature with Our Senior Partner, Boma Alabi OON SAN

Today’s #FridayFeature is Boma Ayomide Alabi, founding partner of ALFA International member firm, Primera Africa Legal in Lagos, Nigeria, and a new member of the ALFA International Board of Directors. This week is particularly important as Boma was conferred with the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, similar to the English equivalent of Queen’s Counsel. She is pictured with Justice Lemea Abina, a former partner in Primera Africa Legal until her elevation to the Bench in 2020. Thank you and congratulations, Boma!

Tell us about someone who inspires you, whether it be a family member or a well-known public figure. Where do you generally find inspiration? Everywhere around me, now living in Africa. The daily struggle of the average street person constantly reminds one of just how privileged one is, and the duty that comes with that privilege, hence our robust pro bono practice. What occupation would you choose to pursue if you could no longer be a lawyer? I would be a sommelier or an artist. I enjoy wine and all visual art. Not sure I could earn a living in either career, so, thankful I am a lawyer. Innate talent not required! Tell us about some of the friendships you’ve made through your participation in the network. How would you describe ALFA International to someone who wasn’t familiar with the association? ALFA International is a global village of professionals with common values and a sense of humour!

To learn more about Boma’s practice, click here