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Alabota’s approach to legal services is driven by innovation as she continues to redefine standards for legal service delivery in Nigeria. She is highly skilled with providing high-level analytical opinions for domestic and international clients which typically addresses the possibility of success pre-arbitration or litigation. In addition to her expertise in labour, projects, real estate/wills, debt recovery, family law, she recently expanded her practice to include oil and gas, cyber law, media and entertainment.

As a resourceful member of our team, she provides legal representation at various superior courts in Nigeria and acts for a number of international and domestic clients in mediation, debt recovery, copy right/trademark infringement, contract review, estate management. She also runs the dispute resolution team by providing strategy, preparing clients for trial and reviewing submissions from Counsel. Ala, who has a passion for discussing legal issues is a fast rising compere at legal events and other media channels. The last NBA SBL event was hosted by her. With her profound editorial skills, Ala periodically analyses legal publications.