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Alabota’s approach to legal services is driven by innovation as she continues to redefine standards for legal service delivery in Nigeria. Recently, she led our team to carry out an HR/Legal Audit for one of our Client’s in the hospitality sector which involved series of negotiations and dispute management with several trade unions. Besides reviewing the entirety of labour legislations in Nigeria, her interventions included the review of over 400 contracts, which flagged several compliance gaps and led to the commercial reshaping process of the company.

Before joining Primera Africa Legal (PAL), Alabota worked as a Legal Assistant to the Hon. Justice M. A. Savage (Head of Probate), Lagos Division where she gained practical experience in dispute resolution, legal research, dispute management, evidence evaluation, trials and procedural Law. Her role afforded her the opportunity to make landmark recommendations on the role of technology in justice administration at various judicial conferences organized by the Lagos State Judiciary.

She commenced her legal career at the law firm of the late Chief J.L.D Dagogo where she developed skills in negotiation, legal drafting, case file review and experience in civil trials for oil spillage matters involving multi-billion-naira claims against multi-national corporations; on behalf of over 50 communities located in the South-South, Nigeria.

As a resourceful member of our team, she provides legal representation at various superior courts in Nigeria and acts for a number of international and domestic clients in mediation, debt recovery, copy right/trademark infringement, contract review, estate management.

Ala is highly skilled with providing high-level analytical opinions for domestic and international clients which typically addresses the possibility of success pre-arbitration or litigation. She also provided support in PAL’s administrative intervention with the Central Bank of Nigeria that led to resolution of a commercial dispute bordering on a claim of over $1,700,000 USD.

Her practice areas; Corporate Commercial, Labour Law and Trade Union Disputes, Administration of Estates, Real Property, Hospitality, Family Law, Information Technology/Cyber Law, Tax, Insurance, Aviation and Dispute Resolution Practice. She is currently the Managing Associate that oversees the dispute resolution team in Lagos, Nigeria.