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Aku Odinkemelu

Aku Odinkemelu is a highly skilled and experience Executive Director, Non Executive Director, Board Member, Audit, Risk & Finance Committee Chair, Credit Committee Chair and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIarb), Nigeria & Uk with over fifteen years of board level experience with expertise in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Education sectors.

Successfully led and managed organizational change and renewal including mergers and acquisitions in three (3) key financial institutions while simultaneously driving corporate governance compliance and growth.

Currently serving as a Non Executive Director and Chair of Board Credit Committee at

Polaris Bank Ltd; an Independent Non Executive Board Member and Chair of Board Risk and Audit Committee at Librod Energy/ Nord Oil APS & Energy Services; Board of Trustees Member at Spiritan University Nneochi and Board Member and Chair, Audit and Finance Committee at Jesuit Memorial College Port Harcourt.